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Did you know there is no better place than Arizona to take advantage of solar energy to heat your swimming pool? A well-designed solar pool heating system can more than double the swimming season of an unheated pool. Since 1984, General Solar Inc has been helping people statewide realize the benefits of “guilt free” warm pools… as our customers can attest.
BACK YARD RECREATION- Turn your backyard into the fun center you've always wanted it to be. A warm pool means more enjoyment for your family and friends. Poolside parties refreshing dips... relaxation... that's what it all about.        
TIME TO RELAX- Unwind with a quick dip after work or enjoy some special
moments and quiet times with your close friends and family. General Solar, Inc. does all the work while you relax and always assures comfortable swimming enjoyment.
Solar pool heater
Solar pool heating system
SUNSHINE LETS SAVE YOU- A reliable system is the natural alternative for
heating your pool. If you presently heat with gas, oil or electric, a solar heater will meet most if not all of your heating needs. If you aren't heating your pool, General Solar, Inc will let you experience the warm comfort of a longer heated swimming season. The sun's energy can eliminate that spring warm-up and avoid the fall cool- down. 
The Ultimate Collector for turning the sun into a Warm Pool. Solar Industries
solar collectors are designed to meet the heating requirements of outdoor
swimming pools in nearly all climates. Using specially formulated polymer
compounds, SI collectors withstand extreme exposure to the sun, weather heat, pollution and oxidation. Unaffected by pool chemicals, they cannot rust,  corrode or discolor your pool. Each standard collector is 4' wide and 10' or 12' long. Smaller sizes are also available. SI unique patented tube an curved web design (104 individual tubes per collector) exposes......

Solar pool heater
Solar pool heating system
Solar pool heater
Solar pool heating system
The State of Arizona is so committed to the use of clean solar energy that it offers a tax credit of up to $1,000 to promote its use. What is the value of doubling the usage of the most expensive option most people add to their homes? Did you really spend $25,000 to $75,000 on a pool just to use it 4 to 5 months of the year? We would welcome the opportunity to provide a no obligation solar feasibility site analysis. All of our systems are HOA approved and qualify for an Arizona State tax credit. more surface area directly to the sun at all times of the day. This means collectors can face in directions other than due south and allows for more installation flexibility.

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