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Welcome to General Solar Inc. Since 1984 General Solar has designed and installed industry leading solar water heaters and solar pool heating across the state. With over 28 years of experience in solar installs and repair, General Solar is a leader in renewable energy technology. General Solar Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured Arizona company specializing in solar plumbing. We not only install new solar water heaters, but repair exiting solar units. Our factory trained technicians are familiar with nearly every type of solar water heater on the market. Our commitment to quality, performance and durability is un- paralleled. We install only the best engineered products with the best warranties on the market. Investing in a solar water heater is possibly the best use of solar technology and also has the quickest pay back. A solar water heating system can usually be installed in a day and in a normal household, the payback can be as quick as 2-3 years. There are several programs that can reduce the cost of a solar hot water system including tax credits and utility rebates. We can help fill out all the paperwork with you.
Solar water heater collector
Solar water heating system

Solar pool heater
Solar pool heating system

Did you know there is no better place than Arizona to take advantage of solar energy to heat your swimming pool? A well-designed solar pool heating system can more than double the swimming season of an unheated pool. Since 1984, General Solar Inc has been helping people statewide realize the benefits of “guilt free” warm pools… as our customers can attest. Turn your backyard into the fun center you've always wanted it to be. A warm pool means more enjoyment for your family and friends. Poolside parties refreshing dips... relaxation... that's what it all about. Unwind with a quick dip after work or enjoy some special moments and quiet times with your close friends and family. General Solar, Inc does all the work while you relax and always assures comfortable swimming enjoyment.

With thousands of solar units across the valley, many units could use regular maintenance. We are certified to work on all types of solar hot water heaters including open loop, drain back and glycol units. Water heater storage tank replacement is not a problem as we stock nearly all types. We are backed by a warehouse of solar specific parts so there is not a need to special order parts in. Many times a simple repair can keep a solar hot water heater working trouble free for years.

Contact General Solar Inc. for information about solar water heating, including our company and solar pool heating.
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